Equipped for the Future Research Projects

Oklahoma Teacher Training Project Evaluation

The purpose of the EFF Oklahoma Teacher Training Project is to strengthen the teaching skills, curriculum content and student outcomes of Oklahoma’s adult literacy programs by providing standards – based curriculum frameworks and training in how to use the frameworks to plan instruction. In 2006- 07 of this multi-year initiative, EFF provided a series of professional development events and technical assistance in three content areas (read with understanding, math and writing). Participants in the content area cadres completed pre and post self-assessments (surveys) in each of the three content areas.

Dollar General – Building Employability by Improving the Ability of Programs to Help Individuals Develop Skills to be Fully Competent Entry-Level Workers

EFF/CLS partnered with the Martha O’Bryan Center in Nashville, TN for Families First participants to develop the knowledge and skills to meet the entry-level work readiness standard and to prepare for the National Work Readiness Credential, to improve their chances of securing and succeeding in entry-level jobs.

Dollar General – Ready for Work: Building Employability Skills

An expansion of the partnership with the Martha O’Bryan Center in Nashville, to develop the MOB Center as a regional demonstration site, to collect and analyze data from the demonstration site, to produce teaching videos, to host 2 additional regional trainings, to develop a training module for employers, and to revise the curriculum and prepare the student materials for online distribution to trained instructors