Dr. Reggie Curran, Coordinator II
Reading Readiness

Reggie Curran first began working at the Center in January 2001 as a graduate assistant. Reggie is a nontraditional student who returned to college after raising her family, earning a B.S. in Child and Family Studies in December 2000, an M.S. in Adult Education in May 2002, and a Ph.D. in Adult Education in December 2006. Family Involvement was her dissertation topic.

After earning her Master’s degree, Reggie converted from a graduate assistantship to regular employment status at the Center, working on the Family Literacy Consortium in Tennessee. Reggie left the Center in June 2003 to work on some additional teaching education and reading classes, also taking a position as an aging services specialist with Knoxville’s Office on Aging. In November 2004, Reggie returned to the Center to work on the SPDG contract with the Special Education Department of the State of Tennessee. The goal of  SPDG (State Personnel Development Grant) grant is to increase children’s literacy skills through teacher development and family involvement, and Reggie’s main job is to provide family involvement guidance and communication services to the State Improvement Grant.

Reggie and her husband recently moved to Dover, Delaware, to be closer to family members. She continues working on family programs online, and travels to Tennessee periodically to deliver teacher training in family involvement. Reggie’s pleasures are reading, shopping, traveling, and spending time with her family, including her four children and five grandchildren.