Donna Curry, Training Specialist

Donna Curry is a training specialist at the Center.  She received her master’s degree in education from Augusta (GA) State University and now commutes long-distance from an island south of Augusta (ME). Donna has been involved in adult education for over 25 years.  She has taught in a variety of settings: ABE, GED, ESL and numeracy in the workplace; family literacy; ABE, GED, and ESL in community colleges and community-based organizations; ABE, GED, and ESL in corrections facilities; and math to military personnel overseas.

Since 1995, Donna has worked on the development and implementation of the Equipped for the Future (EFF) standards-based educational reform initiative. She continues to provide professional development for those states that have chosen to adopt the EFF Standards and helps states adapt EFF for their unique purposes.   Donna  provides support to practitioners engaged in standards-based education. Her recent professional development activities have focused on training and resource development (including online course development) in the implementation of standards-based teaching, learning and assessment (particularly in the areas of math and work readiness).

Donna also has extensive workforce development experience, including teaching, coordinating, and developing curriculum.  Most recently, she has been the principle author of  the Equipped for the Future Preparing for Work Curriculum, which integrates academic skills with soft skills in contextualized activities for learners preparing to enter work.  She is presently part of a team developing online lessons to extend the curriculum.

An additional part of Donna’s work at the Center includes contributing to two national numeracy projects.  She is co-director of Project TIAN (Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy).  She is also working on the Adult Numeracy Initiative (ANI) project, an extension of TIAN.  She develops and facilitates online math courses, from standards-based math instruction to strategies for developing algebraic reasoning for even the most basic math student.

Donna enjoys applying math in everyday situations such as determining how long she has to garden once the last frost has hit, navigating her boat using charts, and figuring out the cost of maintaining several furry feline friends.