Dr. Olga Ebert, Research Leader

Olga was born in Ukraine in 1966. She has MA degree in English Language and Literature from Ukraine (1988), MS degree in Leadership Studies in Education (1995), and PhD degree in Adult and Higher Education (2002) from the University of Tennessee. She has worked on numerous research and evaluation projects (utilizing both statistical and qualitative methodologies) at the Center for Literacy Studies since 1996.

Olga’s areas of interest include diverse areas of educational research and professional development, such as early literacy and STEM education, English as a Second Language, and adult and postsecondary education including online teacher training. She is also interested in psychology and social justice, particularly issues related to poverty and immigration. In her spare time, Olga loves to read pre-XXth-century novels, classical British mysteries, and selected fantasy books. She also likes to travel, take walks and to converse about animals, pre-modern history, supernatural phenomena, and eternal puzzles and intricacies of human life.