Peggy McGuire

Peggy McGuire is a training specialist and senior research associate at the Center. She was born and raised in Lebanon, PA, and now lives in the wooded hills about 10 miles from there in Mt. Gretna – a town built in 1892 on the site of a Church of the Brethren Summer Camp meeting, and a still-operating Chautauqua. Peggy has an MA in English with certification in the Teaching of Writing from Temple University. She has taught high school English in the Philadelphia School District and a variety of basic and technical writing courses at Temple. In 1984, she joined some neighbors in establishing a literacy project for low-income women in her community. She was the project’s first Literacy/ABE/GED Instructor, and eventually became its Executive Director, remaining in that position until the end of 1998.

Peggy has been working for the Center since 1999. Her experience includes research and program/resource development for adult literacy/ESOL/workforce development practitioners and learners. She served as the Equipped for the Future (EFF) Assessment Coordinator for the National Institute of Literacy; in that position she  conducted field-based qualitative research ( and trained teachers in a number of states who assisted with that research) to support establishment of the EFF Content Standards and Performance Continua, and to develop and validate an Assessment Framework for the EFF standard Read with Understanding, She is lead author on numerous instructional resources, among them the Performance Continuum and Curriculum Framework for the EFF standard Convey Ideas in Writing, as well as a recent report on the correspondences between the EFF Writing Curriculum Framework and the Common Core State Writing Standards.

In her subsequent work, Peggy has continued to support practitioners engaged in standards-based education. Her recent professional development activities have concerned training and resource development (including online course development) in the implementation of standards-based teaching, learning and assessment. While focusing in the areas of reading, math and work readiness, her specialization is in development/facilitation of adult education professional development activities in writing instruction, including writing instruction to prepare adult learners for successful transitions to postsecondary education and employment. She has also provided research and evaluation support for some national math projects such as Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy (TIAN) and the Adult Numeracy Initiative (ANI).