Peggy Roberts, Administrative Specialist
Travel – Accounts Receivable

Peggy joined the staff at the Center for Literacy Studies in October, 2000, as an Administrative Services Assistant. Before the Center, she had worked at several different departments within the University, including Agricultural Extension, Veterinary Hospital, and Institute for Public Service. Her service at UT totals approximately 30 years.

Peggy grew up in Chattanooga, TN and attended both MTSU and UT Knoxville where she studied Special Education. She continues to take a class occasionally in subjects that interest her, most recently Medical Terminology.

Peggy and her husband Phil live in Blount County. Peggy and Phil enjoy walks in the park and the mountains with their dog Lucy, while the two cats Biscotti and Coco guard the house. Peggy enjoys cooking, reading, movies and the mountains.