Tashara Tolbert
West Tennessee Community Employment Consultant

Tashara Tolbert is the West Tennessee Regional Employment Consultant with the Center for Literacy, Education and Employment. The Employment Consultants work as a team to provide professional development for the community rehabilitation agencies across the State of Tennessee by meeting with individual programs and conducting regional trainings. This team promotes best practices in areas such as job development, job coaching and natural supports. These services are funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services. The Consultants work closely with the Division of Rehabilitation Services personnel to facilitate the development of local employment opportunities for people with disabilities so that they may fully participate in their community.

Tashara has been in this role since 2007. Previously, Tashara was the program coordinator for Spectrum Support, Inc. (Omnivisions) in which she managed an employment team that assisted individuals with disabilities with career options. Prior, she did career counseling, structured and conducted motivational and job readiness workshops for Cuyahoga County of Ohio Department of Human Services consumers which gained positive media attention. Tashara lives in Memphis. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.