Tennessee ESOL in the Workplace

Tennessee ESOL in the Workplace, A Training manual for ESOL Supervisors and Instructors was developed by the Center for Literacy Studies in cooperation with the Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development Office of Adult Education to prepare both program supervisors and instructional staff to launch successful workplace initiatives in business and industries. This book has a wealth of information with includes:

  1. Knowing and presenting your adult education ESOL programs to business and industry.
  2. Knowing your community's needs and understanding the workplace.
  3. Designing a plan to deliver and sustain edcational services to the workforce.
  4. Knowing your results by evaluating and monitoring progress.
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Module 1
Knowing and Presenting Your Adult Education Program to Business and Industry

Module 2
Knowing Your Community's Needs and Understanding the Workplace

Module 3
Designing a Plan to Deliver and Sustain Services

Module 4
Knowing Your Results by Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

Complete Appendix
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: A Workplace Readiness Guide for Adult Education Programs
Appendix B-1: Introduction to Tennessee's Workplace ESOL Initiative
Appendix B-2: Workplace ESOL Readiness Survey for Program Managers
Appendix B-3: Workplace ESOL Readiness Survey for Instructors
Appendix B-4: Workplace ESOL Program Planning Chart
Appendix C: References
Appendix D: Workplace Tools
Appendix E: PowerPoint Slides