Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the Center for Literacy Studies is to support continuous improvement in the fields of education and workforce development through training, resources, advocacy and research.

How We Carry Out Our Mission

The Center for Literacy Studies works with providers of literacy education to strengthen their capacity to help individuals build knowledge and improve skills needed to be life-long learners and active members of families, communities, and workplaces.  To advance literacy education, CLS links theory, research, and practice by:

  • working with diverse stakeholders to support creative and innovative ways to address literacy issues,
  • providing professional development opportunities,
  • developing and fostering partnerships,
  • adapting new and existing technologies,
  • sharing the knowledge of the field through professional networking, technology, technical assistance and publications,
  • conducting research and evaluation, and
  • providing analysis, statistical support, and accountability services.


We envision the Center for Literacy Studies as an international leader in achieving and maintaining a future where all individuals have the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to flourish in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

We value:

  • All forms of literacy and numeracy including health, economic and financial, workforce education and technology.
  • Lifelong learning for individual growth, meaningful employment, economic independence, civic participation, and social justice.
  • The innovative use of emerging technologies to fulfill our mission and reach our vision.
  • A focus on the needs of learners, practitioners, and partners to inform and improve our work.  
  • Diversity and inclusion in an interconnected world.
  • A staff that maintains excellence in all areas of work while continuously reflecting upon and improving its practices.
  • The ability to stay grounded and respond effectively to uncertainty and change.
  • A staff that promotes leadership, professionalism, collaboration, and integrity.
  • A staff that encourages a healthy work/life balance and recognizes individual contributions.